Speech Jammer

GDPR Compliance and Information

Speech Jammer does not store any personally identifiable information either on our servers nor in the app on device. The advertising identifier is used on iOS by Google and you should review their Privacy Policy. This data is highly anonymized.

No personally identifiable information is ever collected or stored in any circumstance except for information entered using our ticket system, which is stored for 6-months to facilitate resolutions to support issues. This data can be deleted upon request (please contact us below from the email stored in our ticket system to have this data removed). The only other user data that is stored on our server is shared recordings. Shared recordings are anonymized and we do not keep any records that link a recording to a user. Recordings are also not stored in any publicly available database, which means they are only accessible by users who have access to the link generated by the app. User data is never collected outside of the ticket system for any reason or purpose. The only data that can be requested is email-based ticket system data; however, you must request this data from the email address used in the ticket system.

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